WELL DONE definition: 1. used as a way of praising someone and saying that you are pleased about and approve of something. Learn more. Kudos," "well-done," and other words of praise For example, you wouldn't tell someone who just had a baby, "Good job on your accomplishment," but you would. Suggestions. job well done · get the job done · job · done. Download our free app. Android. Discover interesting words and their synonyms troop, fit, consistent. Otherwise, if you are with your kid, some friends or close teammates, things like "bien joué" (well done) or "t'as géré/t'as bien géré" (you. To keep things fresh, it's helpful to know some synonyms for good job. Some alternatives include well done, excellent work, superb effort, impressive.

accomplished. Definition. successfully completed · effected ; conventional. conventional views · proper ; de rigueur. Definition. required by fashion. T-shirts now. Accomplished project manager with over 10 years Instead of using "Completed," job seekers can use synonyms better communicated with a different term. When. Synonyms for WELL-DONE: meticulous, flawless, perfect, polished, finished, faultless, skillful, neat; Antonyms of WELL-DONE: crude, rough, clumsy, artless. If something is acceptable, it is good enough but it is not excellent. Your essay was acceptable, but I think you could have done better. The opposite of. Superb, outstanding, and terrific are synonyms for very good All ten words below can be used to mean very good or excellent. You've done an awesome job! Her. It refers to the sheer determination and dedication one puts into a certain task or job to achieve the desired results. Some of the common. Much better! WONDERFUL! You must have been practicing. You did that very well. FINE! Nice going. You're really going. Someone can be fired for dereliction of duty, meaning they have failed to do their job. word 'dereliction'. Trump, to four of his children as well as. 21 compliments for your team: · “Having you on the team makes a huge difference.” · “You always find a way to get it done – and done well!” · “It's really. Slang Ways to Say “Well Done” · Good job! You've got this down pat. · Way to go! You nailed it this time. · Bravo! You exceeded all expectations. · Kudos to you for. And in addition to verbal praise, we can also customise some small objects specifically for praising our children, such as, some pins with motivational words on.

Congratulatory Phrases · 8) A round of applause · 9) Hats off to you · 10) Keep up the great work · 11) Outstanding job · 12) Well done · 13) What an accomplishment. Synonyms for Job well done · excellent work · good job · good work · great job · nice work · fine job · great work · nice job · n. & int. Synonyms for Great job · good job · good work · great work · excellent work · nice job · nice work · excellent job · well done. job well done”. The Danes take job satisfaction so seriously they have a single word for it – derived from the words “arbejde” meaning work and “glaede. Engaging and Insightful, Business Skills Trainer · 1. That's great · 2. Good job · 3. Excellent · 4. I appreciate that · 5. That's looking good · 6. Synonyms for SKILLED: skillful, adept, proficient, experienced, expert, talented, practiced, educated; Antonyms of SKILLED: unskilled, inexperienced. well-done · dramatic · exciting · extraordinary · important · imposing · intense · massive · monumental. bravissimo · bravo · bully · cock on (UK); congrats · congratulations · encore · fair fucks · full marks · get you (UK); good for someone · good for you. What is another word for Well done? · bravo · congratulations · splendid · crisp · crispy · superb · thrilling · remarkable.

morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious: a good man. Synonyms: upright, exemplary, worthy, meritorious, conscientious, moral, pure. What is another word for well-done? ; skilful · skilled ; skillful · superb ; wonderful · ace ; consequential · crack ; excellent · expert. 50 Ways to Say “Good Job” (Without Saying “Good Job”) Not knowing exactly how to do this, many parents resorted to the phrase “good job.” done it without. A 'Team Player' is a term often used to describe an individual who works well within a group setting. I have done Instead of using "Team Player," job. 고생하셨습니다 (gosaenghasyeotseumnida) → Job well done! Great job! You've worked hard. This is an especially great phrase to use after someone has completed a.

Synonyms and analogies for "decent job" in English grouped by meanings. job well done · good job · excellent job · way to go Discover interesting words and. How can I appreciate students for their hard work? · I appreciate your hard work. · You have done a great job. · Keep growing.

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